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Mission Trip

Navjeevan Center

Our Vision is to respond to the needs of the poor and the victimized and to contribute to a new social order based on human dignity, equal opportunity and social justice.

Our Mission is expressing God’s Love in Action by making a positive difference in the lives of underprivileged women, particularly, the commercially sexually exploited women and their children; to motivate them to confront their situation through collective action and to assist them in achieving their highest potential as they grow to become confident, competent and self-reliant as members within a family.

Our Objectives:

1. Growth in the physical, intellectual, vocational and moral capabilities of underprivileged women and their disadvantaged children.
2. Empowerment of the women and their children through strengthening their collective capacities.
3. To advocate and campaign for the rights of these underprivileged women and their children.

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