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Rev. Roy Abraham Thomas

Priest of The Episcopal Church


Rt. Rev. George R. Sumner

Bishop of  Dallas
The Episcopal Diocese of Dallas
Clergy: Cassock and Surplice, Purple Stole


A long, close-fitting garment with narrow sleeves worn by clergy and other ministers. Cassocks are typically black but also may be blue, gray, or red. Bishops may wear purple cassocks. It may be worn under a surplice. Historically, the cassock was the street garb of a person in clerical orders. It was part of the outdoor dress of Anglican clergy until the beginning of the nineteenth century.


Purple Stole

The stole signifies the priest's authority to absolve sins and preside over the Sacraments. The priest is to wear the purple stole when he hears confession to symbolise repentance and sorrow. ... The action of the penitent is a symbol of forgiveness and reconciliation.

December 7, 2019 @ St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

McKinney, TX

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